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  • provisional patent application - legalzoom

    Provisional Patent Application - LegalZoom

    File a provisional patent application with the USPTO through LegalZoom in three easy steps. Protect your invention or idea with a provisional patent.

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  • patent attorney | specialized patent services

    Patent Attorney | Specialized Patent Services

    The leading resource for cutting edge patent law developments - Providing global business information, intelligence, solutions, news, and technology.

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  • basics of provisional patent applications |

    Basics of Provisional Patent Applications |

    Filing a provisional patent application protects your invention while buying time to file a regular patent application.

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  • provisional patent application filing by

    Provisional Patent Application Filing by

    Easily get provisional patent in India. Provisional patent application filing is quick, easy & cost effective with PocketLawyer. Visit now to know more!

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  • patents - patent law and patent lawyers

    Patents - Patent Law and Patent Lawyers

    File a provisional patent application, find a patent attorney, and protect your inventions.

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  • registered patent lawyers | us law firm |

    Registered Patent Lawyers | US Law Firm |

    Once you file a provisional patent Consultation with a worldipvillage. Registered Patent Attorney. Contact our offices today to discuss your questions with a lawyer.

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  • provisional patent lawyers- easy provisional

    Provisional Patent Lawyers- Easy Provisional

    Provisional patent lawyers provide you with an expedient way to establish a priority date for an invention with the worldipvillage. Patent and Trademark Office.

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  • shane v. cortesi, nashville patent attorney

    Shane V. Cortesi, Nashville Patent Attorney

    Shane Cortesi is my all time favorite IP attorney. He is very accessible, honest, affordable, Nashville Patent Attorney. Provisional Patent Applications;

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  • be careful with provisional patent

    Be Careful with Provisional Patent

    Be Careful with Provisional Patent Applications. A provisional is much simpler to prepare, and you don't need a lawyer to file a provisional application.

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  • the cost of obtaining a patent in the us -

    The Cost of Obtaining a Patent in the US -

    Done in that way a provisional patent application makes all the sense in the world because it gives you protection with respect to what you have presently and

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